by André Navarro


You probably realized a few weeks ago that my "back in a few weeks" plan didn't quite work out. My new job turned out to drain my energy way more than I imagined it would, which prevented me from working on PITCH BLACK #150 as hard as I had to. And now that I quit the job, Christmas and the New Year are approaching, and I'm having to deal with visits from distant relatives, buying gifts, scheduling dinners and about twenty other things I don't want to even think about, none of which related to writing or drawing. 

PITCH BLACK #150 will most certainly be finished, and PITCH BLACK will most certainly continue on a regular basis afterwards, but before New Year I have no hope of getting it done. This isn't necessarily a bad th -- okay, it is, this shit should have been published a week ago, but still, a relatively huge special edition with some of the most depraved dialogue I've ever written will hopefully be a strong start to 2011.

Happy holidays and an awesome New Year. Thank you so much for your feedback, for your patience and your kindness.

See you soon,

André Navarro.