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16th Mar 2019, 11:17 PM
YouTube Education
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André Navarro 16th Mar 2019, 11:17 PM
André Navarro
Hey there. I'm back. Not completely. This comic won't be on a regular schedule as it used to be, not unless some requirements are met. But I intend to update it at least once a week, for now. I've spent the last two years working harder than ever in my life after some financial difficulties, and I finally have time to dedicate to side projects.

Because that's what PITCH BLACK is, and always had to be. Hence the long hiatuses. But every single time I've stopped, people have asked me not to. And it means the world to me, it really does. Thanks for leaving comments expressing that sentiment, because it's genuinely touching and encouraging.

So here I am. And here's the plan, going forward: someday I want this comic to be my full-time job. But it needs to earn at the very least $3500 to match my current full-time job. The only way to do that is Patreon. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so here. If 1 dollar is all you can afford, that's absolutely fine and extremely appreciated. Every little bit helps, especially as one's audience grows. And this comic has sustained a steady visitor count for many years now, with occasional spikes in activity. So that's promising.

If you can't afford it at all, it's no problem. Your comments, encouragements and word-of-mouth are immensely helpful already. I don't think I'll ever abandon this comic. It's the project I'm most proud of. Some strips went viral and reached literally millions of people, which is breathtaking every time. I'm in my happy place when I'm at a cafe with a notebook coming up with ideas and at home drawing while listening to music or a podcast.

So, again, here I am. I hope I can stay with you for good this time. Thanks once again for your support. See you soon with the next comic.


Feldspar 17th Mar 2019, 11:58 AM
It's really exciting to have you back! Please make sure you don't burn yourself out for our sake though. I'd be fine with infrequent updates, if that meant you could sustain the pace for years to come =)
André Navarro 17th Mar 2019, 7:00 PM
André Navarro
Thank you so much! I'll try. Last time wasn't burn-out, though, I just had to focus on a full-time job (in fact, beyond full-time, hence not having ANY time for making comics at all). Now I do have time for it at last.
Alejo (ARG) 18th Mar 2019, 2:10 PM
Great to have you back! I've been checking your site everyday in hopes of a comeback and I'm so glad to hear from you again :) I hope you can reach your mark soon because you most definitely deserve it :)
yskaya 18th Mar 2019, 8:28 PM
back from the future. glad to see you updating agian :D
DG100 10th Apr 2019, 5:23 AM

Welcome back, Mr Navarro.
I've missed you.
mist42nz 5th Oct 2021, 2:56 AM
classic "3 steps to draw an owl"
1) a large circle lightly sketched in to form the body
2) a smaller circle on top to locate the head
3) fill in all the detail to make it into a owl (often has highly detailed pencil drawing including feather and internal eye detail, or a photo)